Experience Points

Any time a character leaves play, whether through retirement or permanent death, the XP belonging to that PC can be rolled over into a brand-new character of one level less than the retiree. Thus, if your 9th-level rogue gets killed on an adventure and you can't or don't care to have him raised, you can trade him in for an 8th-level cleric. New PCs are equipped with the standard degree of wealth and gear for their level and the minimum XP required for their level.

XP cannot be added to existing characters. That same expired rogue could not then add his rollover XP to an existing 3rd-level cleric. Nor can multiple alts be retired to give an extra boost to a new character.

Any XP earned by a background PC can be transferred to an adventuring PC at no charge. This doesn't require any retirement of the background PC- it's just funneled directly to the alt.

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