Xian Rulers

At the height of the city is the Mandarin himself, the Resplendent and Sagacious Guide, Ru Jia. Great-grandnephew of Lammach himself, Ru Jia is an unsentimental but effective ruler. His ruthlessness is a byword, but he is not given to pointless cruelties, and every public impaling he orders comes with a very clear understanding as to why it is necessary. He is still comparatively young at forty-five, but he has mastered the fifth rank of wizardly spells.

Beneath him are the nine Junzi of his cabinet, ministers appointed to carrying out the various porfolios of Warfare, Public Works, Treasury, Spies, Scholarship, Religion, Trade, Foreigners, and Justice. Each Junzi has full authority within his sphere, yet the overlap requires them to cooperate regularly to get anything done. Ru Jia likes it this way, as it ensures that his underlings spend more time trying to accomplish their jobs than thinking about his.

Beneath the Junzi, the Hundred Magistrates oversee legal disputes. Alongside them, the Captains of the Wall-Preserving Host monitor the city watch and the Invincible Hero Generals operate the city-state's army. The Unnumbered Waves Host provides naval protection for Xian, and in watch, army, and navy there are subordinate officer roles.

All officers of whatever branch are counted to be at least of the scholarly, or "daifu" class, and all Captains, Invincible Hero Generals, Magistrates, and Junzi are accounted of the princely class, known as "zhuhou". While city officials, daifus, and princely ones may not have technical authority to give arbitrary orders to bystanders, any commoner could expect a very unpleasant fate should they prove reluctant to carry out any reasonable request- and it's generally a magistrate who will decide what is reasonable.

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