Xian Religion

Religion in Xian is a stew of countless different creeds, dominated by the gods of the Ninefold Celestial Empire. Other deities can be found in almost any size and description, though most of them have no shrine more elaborate than a pile of heaped stones nor any worshippers more numerous than the few families that remember them. The Nine Immortals are the chief gods of Xian, each one representing one of the Nine Immutable Principles.

Kusha, the Red Goddess, represents warfare and struggle. Fa Chia, the Yellow God, embodies the concept of law and principle. Mimamsa, the Blue Goddess, represents learning and intellect. Sankhya, the Gray God, is a mystical deity revolving around being-as-such. Shinrai, the White God, is the principle of ending and negation. Kega, the Green Goddess, is the deity of becoming and transformation. Tendai, the Black God, oversees distortions and corruptions. Hesika, the Vermillion Goddess, keeps charge of sensation and perception. Lastly, Inren the Purple God is the god of that-which-is-overlooked and the blank spaces within any theological schema. Unsurprisingly, Inren does not have many clergy.

Public faith in Xian has never been strong. The Red Tide shook the belief of too many of the worshippers, and there are always questions as to why the gods did nothing to save their worshippers. Even so, some clergy remain among the people, and the divine blessings of their patrons are still welcome in the city. Experienced clerics and shugenjas of the Nine Immortals are counted among the scholarly class, albeit that courtesy is not automatically extended to believers of other faiths or other classes.

Due to the myriad disputing schools of theological thought regarding the Nine Immortals and other deities worshipped in Xian, clerics and other divine casters who select Domains can choose any two for their deity, provided they can explain how they approach their god's portfolio through them.

Attached is a full list of common deities in the Sunset Isles.

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