Property Examples

A City Shop

Xun Fu is retiring from adventuring, and wants to build himself a home in downtown Xian. He sees it as being a comfortable little place meant chiefly for himself and perhaps a wife, with a blacksmithing shop downstairs to keep him busy. First, he sorts out the modifiers. He's inside Xian's walls (+20%), he's less than a mile from Xian (+10%), and he wants the shop to do more than simply pay for household expenses, making it a developed income source (+10%). Therefore, he's looking at a stiff 40% premium on what he buys.

He therefore chooses modestly when picking components. He wants space for himself and his wife, so picks two Common Bedrooms (700 gold) to add room for 2 residents. Since he wants to stay clean and have decent food, he also makes room for a Petty Bath (100 gold) and Petty Kitchen (100 gold), providing hygiene and cooking for 2. And since he wants his shop downstairs, he adds a Common Shop (400 gold) to the total. He considers tucking away a servant's nook beneath the stairs, but decides the extra space he'd need to tend to their cooking and cleaning needs isn't worth it- he'll do his own housework. Therefore, the total base cost is 700 + 100 + 100 + 400 = 1,300 gold. Adding on the 40% cost for location, and he's paying 1,820 gold for his modest little shop. Plainly, Xun Fu needed to become an adventurer if he ever hoped to afford his own property within Xian's walls.

A Country Estate

Harbrad Wyrmsplitter is a successful adventurer making a play to be accepted into the daifu class. Unfortunately, he's been living out of Aram Besh's back room until now, and there's no way he can hope to be accepted as a daifu if he doesn't own any land. With that in mind, he decides to set up a country estate, one big enough to get a measure of minimal respect from the ruling class. He'll set it up on the flatlands (+5%) twenty miles outside Xian (+5%). He's not interested in having it turn a profit for him, and he doesn't want to pick particularly indefensible land, so those are the only modifiers.

To start with, he's going to need to be able to entertain more than close family. Room for six residents or long-term visitors sounds about right, so he buys six Common Bedrooms components costing a total of 2,100 gold. He and his lady love need exceptionally fine private rooms, so he adds in a pair of Common Private Chambers at 1,600 in total. He'll need at least ten servants to keep the house running, and that's not counting the ten guards he figures he'll need, plus their officer and the chief servant to keep track of them. He figures he'll lodge the officer and chief servant in resident rooms, so that leaves him buying two Common Barracks for 800 gold, with room for twenty servants. Just in housing costs, he's already spent a total of 4,500 gold.

This housing space has health and cooking needs. Two Common Baths will keep up to 30 people clean for 800 total, two Common Kitchens will feed 30 people for 800 total, and a Petty Armory will keep 10 guards equipped for 500 gold. That's a total of 2,100 gold in support building.

Having established that, he then needs to pay for the servants, guards, and other minions. They don't get salaries, but instead require a lump sum one-time cost to hire. He needs 10 servants costing 500 gold total, a chief servant to coordinate that many minions at 250 gold, ten sturdy footman soldiers to guard his home at 1,000 total, and an officer to keep them in line for 1,000 gold. As it is, his manpower costs come to 2,750 gold.

Finally, he considers defense. This close to Xian, he doubts that he has anything to worry about from goblin raiding parties, so he doesn't worry about adding walls, siege engine emplacements or facilities to withstand a siege.

All told, his component costs come to 9,350 to create a very minimal estate. Once the location modifier is applied, that's 10,285 gold final cost. Such a modest household might get him inducted into the daifu, but his estate will be nothing to brag about.

A Keep on the Borderlands

Heinrich von Wu Hao has finally gotten his big break. Flush with the treasure of a lucky haul, he decides that now is the time to set up his own little kingdom on the southern coast of the Godbarrow Mountains. To do that, however, he'll need muscle and the ability to keep back angry goblin swarms. The ideal spot seems 100 miles from Tien Lung (-1%) in the foothills (-5%) of goblin borderland (-5%), for a net -11% cost break.

He begins with housing. This is a border keep, and no luxury can be expected. He buys twenty Common Bedrooms for a 7,000 total, giving room for 20 full-time residents, and three Great Barracks for 12,000 total, giving room for 375 staff. Two Great Baths (8,000) and two Great Kitchens (8,000) provide the necessary cleanliness and cooking services, while two Common Armories (10,000) provide weaponry and armor services for 300 soldiers. None of the facilities look too important to him, with the exception of the temple. Heinz isn't much for gods, but he expects he'll need healers in plenty before this is through, so buys a Common Temple for 5,000 gold. It provides space, cleaning, and cooking needs for 10 temple servants. All told, his housing, facility and support needs come to 50,000 gold.

Manpower has to be determined next. Fifty servants ought to be able to take care of the place, for 2,500, plus five chief servants to mind them for 1,250, plus a steward to keep the whole thing running for 2,500. Two hundred footmen will cost 20,000 gold, plus another eighty archers will set him back 12,000. Twenty more artillerymen come to 2,500. Ten officers come to 10,000, and ten novice priests to tend the temple and provide magical healing will run 2,500. His hiring costs are 53,250 gold.

Then defenses come in. The costs of fortification are brutal- if he's going to throw a rough stone wall around 400 people, he'll be paying 40,000 gold for it. He'll buy four cisterns to hold enough water to keep 400 people going for six months (8000 gold), plus four storehouses to hold food to last them that long (8000 gold), plus a pair of deep wells to provide at least 50 of the occupants with a permanent source of defensible water (4000 gold). Finally, he puts those twenty artillerymen of his to work with four siege engine emplacements at 8,000 total. The final cost of his defenses is 68.000 gold.

All told, after applying the price modifier, Heinrich is going to be spending 152,412 gold on his border fortress. He'd better have very deep pockets or a friend willing to help out, especially when he starts to take losses from the orc and bugbear attacks. If he can manage to hold out, however, there'll be none to gainsay his will for miles around.

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