Xian Climate

Xian is a warm city on a warm island. Temperatures reach a high of a little over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit during midsummer while dropping below fifty during winter. Rain is common during the winter seasons, while even the summer sees its share of showers.

The island of Ektau itself has a little more variety in its climate. The lowlands of the eastern end of the island are wet and warm, with rainforests clustering around the drier hills. The Godbarrow Mountains of the southwestern quarter of the island are cool and temperate down to the coastal swamps. The great valley between the Godbarrows and the Northwall Range is a grassy plain dotted with stands of hardwoods. Everything west of the island's midpoint is firmly in goblinoid hands, with only a few scattered coastal settlements daring to hold on. Precise details of the western interior are unavailable, with only the garbled tales of reckless explorers and goblinoid thralls to go on.

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