Buying Land

The first step in creating your dream home- or nightmare castle- is to decide where you're going to put it and how you intend to acquire the land. This doesn't actually incur a cost in of itself, but affects how much the rest of your building will cost. The price of the land is thus "folded in" to the rest of the fee.

The first element is location. What sort of land is it that you're building on? Add up all the relevant modifiers below, though ignore terrain type for property bought inside a city's walls.

Terrain Type Modifier
Inside Xian's walls +20%
Inside Tien Lung or Highgate's walls +10%
Inside other town's walls +5%
Flatlands +5%
Hills -5%
Mountains +0%
Forest -5%
Jungle -5%
Island +10%

Thus, buying property on a jungle island is going to cost +5% over book- the jungle land might not be as valuable as farmland, but it's tough to get supplies and building materials out to an island. Buying a home inside Xian's walls, conversely, will cost 20% over book as property inside the walls is extremely expensive.

Next, pick the sort of city that's going to be providing the workers and supplies for the buildings. Xian may have a wealth of workmen and stonemasons awaiting employ, but it may be inconvenient to hire them if you're building a cottage 150 miles away. Conversely, that small western town may not have a lot of logs for sale, but it's easier buying them there than shipping them overland for fifty miles. Therefore, pick the town you want to draw from and consider the distance between your site and the city.

City Distance Modifier
Xian Less than a mile +10%
1-16 miles +7%
17-48 miles +5%
49-112 miles +0%
113 miles+ +4%
Tien Lung or Highgate Less than a mile +6%
1-16 miles +3%
17-48 miles +1%
49-112 miles -1%
113 miles+ +5%
Anywhere Else Less than a mile +3%
1-16 miles +1%
17-48 miles -2%
49-112 miles +1%
113 miles+ +6%

Therefore, that Jungle Island retreat would cost a net +4% if it was within 100 miles of Highgate and the builder decided to work out of there. That aspiring architect making a new estate in downtown Xian, however, is facing a whopping +30% total price modification for deciding to build on the most valuable real estate on the island.

Lastly, you need to figure out if there's anything about the site that would make it particularly valuable or questionable. Add up the modifiers below based on whichever ones are applicable.

Feature Modifier
Rugged terrain +2%
Inaccessible terrain +4%
Poor natural defenses -2%
Bordering goblinoid lands -5%
Inside goblinoid lands -10%
Has valuable natural resources +5%

Once you've totaled up all the relevant modifiers, you have a final number to apply to the cost of all the building you do there. Thus, if our island jungle hold that was drawing from Highgate also happened to be occupying goblin tribal land and be overlooked by commanding heights, it'd suffer the "Inside goblinoid lands" and "Poor Natural Defenses" flaws for a total price modifier of -8%. Conversely, the luckless fellow making real estate in Xian's downtown would end up with a total +30% cost on any building.

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