Building Components

Once you've established where you want to put your summer cottage, the next thing to decide is what useful components are going to go into it. Building components aren't generally a specific chunk of floorspace or a preset architectural plan- they're a feature you buy to give your holding a particular ability. A barracks might be one component, and a body of servants might be another. To make your holding, you look down the list and pick off the items you want. You apply the cost modifier you obtained in the first step, that the end result is how much gold you have to pay to get that component.

All holdings revolve around a few basic totals. They each have living space for a certain number of long-term residents and staffers, and they also have a certain capacity for cooking and hygiene. In order to put together a holding, you need to account not just for the bed space of your would-be owners, but also for the kitchens, baths, and servants' quarters you'll need. The more capacious and extravagant your holding, the dearer these things will come.

It's possible to upgrade or replace components. The cost of doing so is the difference between the new component and the old. When deciding on actual physical layouts for your holding, you can work freely within the general lines of your components- if you happen to add a new kitchen, you don't have to spend extra to rearrange some other elements around it. In most cases, actual physical layouts are abstracted and aren't considered important.

Component Cost in gold Benefit
Bedrooms, Common 350 Adds 1 to the maximum residents.
Bedrooms, Ruler 1,500 Adds 1 to the maximum residents, with a handsomely appointed bedroom.
Bedrooms, Royal 8,000 Adds 1 to the maximum residents, with a kingly room.
Private Chambers, Common 800 Adds 1 to the maximum residents.
Private Chambers, Ruler 4,000 Adds 1 to the maximum residents, with luxury.
Private Chambers, Royal 20,000 Adds 1 to the maximum residents in a comfort the Mandarin would envy.
Barracks, Petty 100 Adds 1 to the maximum staff.
Barracks, Common 400 Adds 10 to the maximum staff.
Barracks, Great 4,000 Adds 125 to the maximum staff.
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