Xian, pronounced "SEE-ahn", is the largest city in the Sunset Isles, with more than a hundred thousand men and women living in and nearby it. It and its tributaries dominate the eastern half of the island of Ektau in the far southwest of the island chain. A constant state of low-level warfare takes place against the goblinoids of the western half of the island, and more than a few rival statelets are finding it wise to complicate the lives of its citizenry. As the largest and most cosmopolitan of the cities of the Sunset Isles, it is the place where most young adventurers are liable to seek their fortune.

  • History, How Xian came to be.
  • Rulers, Who rules the city?
  • Laws, Laws of the city.
  • Society, The division of social classes in the city.
  • Religion, Religion in Xian.
  • Climate, The climate of the city and the isle of Ektau.
  • Island Map, containing a depiction of the island lands surrounding the city.
  • Xian Map, depicting the city's arrangement, provided by the player of Anh.
  • District Maps, giving less abstract details, provided by the player of Atmeh.
  • Adventurers, The role of adventurers in Xian.
  • Licensed Adventurers Guild, …and the organization that hires them.
  • Calendar, The local epoch and time measurements.
  • Clothing, All the latest fashions.
  • Cuisine, Fine dining in Xian
  • Drugs Denoting the powders and liquids favored for relaxation.
  • Gender Roles and the customary place of men and women in Xian.
  • Money, Currency in Xian
  • Names, Common naming conventions in Xian and the surrounds.
  • Romance, Social and sexual mores in Xian.
  • Thralls, Little more than slaves to their keepers.
  • Thralls in society The strange and complex relationship between thralls and wider society.
  • Cults, The sinister threat of the Tide Cults.
  • Threats, Shadows yet fall on this brightest of cities.
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