Wu Jen

The Wu Jen are a relic of the Ninefold Celestial Empire's ancient past, before the arts of wizardry were circumscribed in their modern incarnations. Originally, they served as the arcanists of the Kueh empire, a rival to Imperial ambitions. While they were far fewer than the Imperial arcanists, the novelty and spiritual character of their magical tradition was a source of great interest to their rivals. When the Kueh finally were crushed by Imperial magics, the customs and traditions of these mountain sorcerers were imported for careful study. Their numbers have never been great since those days, but a few stubborn Kueh traditionalists or spiritually-minded Imperials were always to be found seeking solace on the path.

Some say that a few hermit-scholars were present in the Sunset Isles at the time of the Red Tide, and it is these reclusive mages that have taught the few modern Wu Jen to appear. Whatever the case, these Wu Jen are treated with the same respect as modern wizards, and perhaps a little more by those devoted to the Empire's past. These mountain hermits are possessed of powerful arcane sorceries and unique insights into the nature of elemental magic. Their spells are often less polished than those of their wizardly brethren, however, and more evocative of natural influences.

Wu Jen require a teacher to train them in the path. Most can only be found in the deep wilderness, far away from men and the distractions of city life. Still their pupils often range more widely.

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