Perhaps the most respected of the conventional adventuring classes- as little as that may be- wizards have an accepted place in the city's society. While commoners may be uncomfortable around them, scholars make a point of affecting perfect ease towards wizards. Their disciplined study of magic, learning the arcane incantations and gestures that bring forth carefully-devised spells, is something that suits the scholarly veneration so common within Xian's walls.

Most wizards in Xian are trained in one of the several small academies within the city walls. Every wealthy family wants to have at least one wizard in their ranks, and tutors are often obliged to put up with the sullen demands of spoiled young scholars who've scarce heard a contrary word in their lives. The consequences of carelessness with magic tend to solve most of those problems by itself, however.

A few elven wizards also teach within the city, but tend to reserve their instruction to their own kind- or else those humans of remarkable natural talent. The arcane prowess of the elves is legendary, but if any of their great archmages happened to be in the Sunset Isles when the Red Tide hit, they've not made themselves known. Given the questionable character of most archmages, it's perhaps for the best.

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