Wilders never received the training that makes for a psion, nor do they possess the natural martial inclination which forges psychic energy into the path of the psychic warrior. They are simply men and women with such enormous reserves of psychic force that it wells forth from them in barely-controlled waves of power. The delicate pruning and clipping of gnomish psionic techniques might broaden the scope of a psion's power, but it robs it of its raw vitality. A wilder may not have a psion's breadth of skill but they are more capable of using what they have. Their comparatively few abilities are stronger than those of a psion, and can be invoked more often and more fiercely.

Almost by definition, wilders are untrained. Nearly anyone could well up with the power, regardless of their former life. Few understand them, and most treat them as just another variety of sorcerer.

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