Some magically-gifted men and women come out blighted. Whether by virtue of latent demonic influence or sheer misfortune, their powers are twisted and curdled into exhalations of corruption and darkness. Most are loathe to use their powers at first, but the convenience and utility of an endless source of destructive energy almost always wins out in the end. Warlocks have the power to unleash gouts of malevolent energy that kill and maim. In addition to this dark radiance, they also steadily acquire more and more unnatural powers, becoming more akin to a creature of darkness than a mortal being. These taints usually drive a warlock to a hateful and malignant temper, but a few are able to resist the sinister influence of their abilities.

Not all such tainted figures are cursed simply by chance. Some hungry occultists make pacts with dark powers and unknown forces, wielding the force of incantations and rites to compel these powers to grant some measure of their abilities to the occultist. The exact price paid for this varies; some promise their souls to the Hell Kings, while others exert ancient rituals and invocations that give them abilities seemingly without cost. Few imagine that such gifts truly come for free, however, and what is not paid for in this life will perhaps be paid in another.

There are three main varieties of warlock, varying based on the source of their powers. One type draws power from the Hell Kings, casting gouts of burning flame and invoking the aid of demonic forces. This variety most often makes pacts for their power, though some serve as commanders instead, using rites to compel service. Another variety descends from certain dark astrological studies first developed by the Gadaal, using powers of curdled fate and lethal destiny to kill their enemies. These star-watching warlocks bind their souls to the darkness of the night sky and the emptiness between to channel it against their enemies. The last and most recent variety taps into the Lie, the distorted and insubstantial sea of unmanifested possibility recently discovered with the manifestation of the True. The lethal delusions and reality-destroying chaos of the Lie can be tapped only at the price of a certain rejection by reality itself. True elves have a natural aptitude for this, but other races can ally themselves with this power if they make the necessary sacrifices.

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