Much like a crusader or a swordsage, a warblade learns to channel their inward focus into feats of extraordinary martial prowess. While the warblade obtains fewest of these tricks among the three forms of martial adept, they are also the most competent in unenhanced combat, possessing a native aptitude with the blade fully equal to that of a fighter.

In terms of philosophy, there's little difference between a fighter and a warblade. Both seek to obtain perfect mastery of their weapons through focus and discipline. Yet where a fighter seeks to work within the laws of possibility, the warblade attempts to surpass them with feats of supernatural prowess. A fighter's perfection is in the constant and unchanging availability of his techniques, while a warblade trades that versatility for limited and rationed access to impossibly exotic maneuvers.

Such inner focus is most often the product of a young warrior seeking a combination of inner enlightenment and outward perfection. Few warblades receive any formal training in their art, and those that do most often study under some grizzled teacher who instructs them just long enough to put them on the way.

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