War Mage

Very few scholars find the path of the war mage remotely appealing. The modest status of soldiers in Xian makes a battlefield wizard a distinct step beneath his more refined compatriots, and the prospect of enduring brutal training and constricted abilities in exchange for more martial prowess is a tradeoff few care to make. Still, a very few souls find a trade as a war mage, learning to cast their spells in heavy armor in the thick of the battlefield. While war mages are invariably useless at any sorcery that doesn't involve blowing people up or protecting them from death, they have a facility with close-in combat that's far in excess of what any more bookish wizard could manage.

Still, a handful of war mages perpetuate the traditions of the path, most of them descendants of refugees from lands far from the Ninefold Celestial Empire. As it is impossible to learn the art of the War Mage without a teacher, these few men and women are the last link with the discipline. When they go, it's possible the path will vanish entirely.

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