Note: Tieflings here use the impending 4e rules for ability bonii and special abilities. While these 4e abilities are generally superior to those of normal 3.5e races, the difference will disappear once the entire MUX converts to fourth edition in June.

The Accursed are those souls victimized by the destruction of the blue crystals raised by the Red Tide around the island's periphery. They are normal men and women of all the non-goblinoid races suddenly and violently transformed by the energies released in the destruction, their minds infested with demonic spirits that constantly whisper temptations to them. While the transformation grants them great power compared to ordinary members of their races, this power comes at the cost of creeping corruption and a perpetual impulse to violence, lustfulness, and deceit. The Accursed are too new to have had many stereotypes grow up about them, but the dread with which they are regarded is almost universal.

Origins of the unfortunates, describing the process of transformation as it is presently understood.
Appearance, giving the particulars of the varying aspects worn by these entities.
Abilities of these afflicted creatures, including some in common currency among them.
Psychology of the Accursed, and their special plague of whispers.
Prophets among the Accursed, and their blasphemous claims about the purpose of the race.

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