Accursed Psychology

Accursed retain their own wills and minds as part of the transformation. They remember all that they were before and continue to hold precious those things that they once did. The transformation infuses them with infernal power, however, and this power comes with a rush of demonic whispers and temptations that plagues them throughout their lives. None of the urges have any special force behind them, and there is no magical compulsion to obey any- yet the constant and unrelenting goad can make it a struggle for an Accursed to live an upright life.

Most of the temptations have to do with individual advancement and pleasure. The whispers are always eager to point out some selfish or brutal act that their host might hope to get away with, or some cruelty that seems safe enough from immediate repercussions. The whispers never counsel obviously self-destructive behavior, however, and as a point of interest, they never seem to encourage any kind of behavior that might aid the Red Tide. While it is too soon to be certain on this point, it does not appear that the transformation ever infected one that was a servitor of the Tide, and the demons within an Accursed are positively zealous about encouraging their host to slaughter and torment those who serve the Tide.

The long-term effect of these whispers is unclear. They may lessen with time, or become more insistent as the years drag on. A strong will and determined moral compass seem sufficient to hold them at bay for now, but no one is certain how long such straightforward measures will suffice to keep their darker urges in check- and some Accursed, at least, have no intention of checking them in the first place.

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