Accursed Prophets

The "prophets" among the Accursed are those who claim to be imparted a special message from the Hells, teaching the correct purpose of the race and the truth behind their creation. Of course, given that these messages are from known infernal powers, few credit them as more than half-truthful deceits bent on luring more souls into the grasp of the Hell Kings. Their beliefs find some purchase among Accursed, however, and even a few ordinary humans are beginning to follow the banners of these prophets.

The essential doctrine is that the Gods have willingly abandoned the world. They have withdrawn their blessings from creation and make no more effort to save it, as they are convinced that the world is doomed to be consumed by the Red Tide. They intend to permit the mortals yet alive on it to live out their natural spans and die beneath the Tide. Once all creation is a plaything of that loathesome power, they will destroy the world and remake it anew in a way that leaves no entry for the Red Tide- or for the Hell Kings.

The prophets proclaim that the Hell Kings did not care to be so parted from the succulent souls of mortalkind, and so they benevolently sent down the nine green jade spheres that will tear loose the pinning crystals of the Red Tide in Ektau, and drive it back offshore. In the process of the destruction, however, the wall between worlds would be weakened, and demonic spirits would be able to cross over and infest the souls of mortalkind. These mortals would be strong enough to fight the Red Tide and defend Ektau from its depredations. They would also be highly susceptible to the blandishments of Hell, and aid in creating a society that was properly respectful towards their infernal saviors. When it is asked why the Hell Kings have not attempted something like this before, the prophets declare that it was only made possible by the retreat of the gods, and that their absence is proven by the ascendence of the Hells.

Those who aid the Hell Kings in their plans will be rewarded with soul-slaves and infernal lordships in the world and life to come. Those who resist will be the cattle which feed the Hells.

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