Accursed Appearance

The Accursed appear in many different shapes and details, most of which bear strong resemblance to their origin species. Human Accursed look much like humans, elves much like elves, and so forth. It's usually possible to make an educated guess as to the original species of an Accursed, though variance exists. All Accursed share the same innate qualities, and lose the particular special traits of their former species.

Accursed skin color varies wildly, often showing reds, blues, or other hues not natural to humans. Hair and eye color follows the same variance, and is often sharply contrasting with the skin. Claws and talons are not unusual, albeit too short to be any use in combat, and tails and horns are common both in their appearance and their absence. Scales, chitinous growths, and other oddities in integument are normal to Accursed. Hooves are known in some cases, along with spikes, fins, and crests. Hair growth varies from complete hairlessness to a pelt like that of an animal. Some bear Infernal characters emblazoned on their hides, and others have marks or patterns on their skins. No unifying characteristics seem shared among the Accursed, each one unique in its own deformations. Even the most human-like Accursed is unlikely to pass for human, however, without extensive effort at disguise.

Males and females vary somewhat in build, with most of the males being larger and more muscular than the females- yet it's difficult to tell whether this is an innate property of the species, or simply a carryover from their original forms. Genders usually remained stable throughout the transformation, though a few Accursed shifted physically in the process, and a very small number are said to have gotten caught halfway through.

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