Accursed Abilities

Accursed no longer have the special traits of their former race. They no longer trance as elves do, nor have the special vision of dwarves, or the small build of halflings, or any of the other qualities unique to those kinds. Their traits are generally held in common with the other Accursed, and the legacy of their former race is purely in small points of appearance.

Accursed tend to be distinctly smarter than most of their origin species. The demonic powers that infest them occasionally lend helpful thoughts to their host and aid them in puzzling out complicated logical chains or subtle distinctions. While they often cant the resulting answers towards malevolent or selfish solutions, most Accursed are able to filter out such obvious attempts at temptation to produce thinking of a markedly superior quality to that of ordinary humans. Accursed are also more impressive and charismatic in their bearing. While the strangeness of their appearance is often somewhat offputting, the infernal aura about them compels a certain degree of deference from others, and the infernal spirits within them have absolutely no room for self-doubt or qualms. This simple certitude gives an Accursed a most persuasive manner.

Flame is a minimal concern for Accursed. Even the weakest among them can rummage in a campfire without being singed, and the strongest can bathe in molten lead without injury. Their demonic influence lends them remarkable talent at lying, and the ability to take advantage of shadow and misdirection to hide from unfriendly eyes. Their abilities are not entirely given to subterfuge, however, as they show remarkable ability to bring down a wounded enemy or deal savagely with those who dare to strike them.

Accursed sleep, eat, breathe, and drink as humans do. They appear to be susceptible to all the things to which humans are susceptible. It will take time to determine whether or not the species breeds true. It is too early to surmise what the lifespan of an Accursed might be, but healer-sages who have examined living and dead examples see no reason why they should last any longer than humans do.

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