The Sunset Isles

From the southwestern tip of the island chain to its northeastern end, the Sunset Isles run almost a thousand miles. The largest of the chain are southwesternmost island of Ektau, almost three hundred miles long and two hundred wide, with the northwestern island of Aktau three hundred wide and two hundred long. In between, a scattered archipelago of islands range from small pinpricks in the blue waves to broad expanses of greenery.

In the north, the islands are cool and temperate, with a subarctic chill common in the high mountains. In the south, the weather is far warmer and wetter, with a few rainforests found on Ektau.

  • Map, a large-scale map of the Sunset Isles.
  • Languages, The common tongues of the Isles.
  • Religion in the Sunset Isles is a muddled and confused affair for most.
  • Godbone, The mysterious substance which repels the Red Tide.
  • Nordheim, The second-largest human state in the Isles.
  • Xian, The largest city of men in all the islands and the hub of adventure here.
  • Natives, The native humans of the islands.
  • Psionics, A rare and peculiar discipline, and how psionic powers are understood in the Sunset Isles.
  • Refugees, Those descended from the refugee ships of a hundred and twenty years ago.
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