The Shogunate

Once the nominally loyal Xianese city of North Neck, the Shogunate has taken control of the Great Berm that stretches northward from the main body of Ektau. The Kueh daimyos and lords who once were content to exhibit a passive discinlination towards Xianese lordship have broken out into open rebellion and have appointed one of their own as Shogun over the lands they possess. The cause of this sudden uprising is intertwined in the shattering of the blue Tide-crystal near North Neck, and the horrific effects that overwhelmed the city in its wake. From the wreckage of the sudden transformation, the Kueh Shogunate has risen, and North Neck has become its new capital of Kitaminato.

Specific facets of the Shogunate are discussed below.

Origins of the rebellion, and the manner in which the Shogunate came to be.
Rulers of the Shogunate, the daimyo families and the Shogun himself.
Laws of the Shogunate, such as they are in a devil-ruled land.
Kitaminato, the capital of the Shogunate, once known as North Neck.
Travel in this land, and the principles to be minded by visitors.

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