Swordsages are a rare and puzzling breed of warrior in the Sunset Isles. They trade the focused martial prowess of the warrior for a more meditative inward path, learning to perform feats of bladesmanship that are simply and entirely impossible. Stroke for stroke, a fighter will outmatch them in battle, but if they are capable of turning their unique maneuvers to good effect the fight may well be theirs. Novice swordsages might make their weaponry burst briefly into flame, while great masters might suddenly become intangible as smoke or fly into the air on a pillar of flame. It's worth mentioning that while these warriors are known as "swordsages", not all use blades. Almost any weapon might prove sufficient in their hands, and many fight perfectly well with no more than their fists and feet.

The enigmatic path of the swordsage is one little understood in Xian. Most consider it just to be one of those inexplicable elven philosophies, albeit one with rather more immediate evidence of its consequence. Those few who follow the path are almost all trained either by elven swordsages or others trained by them. Humans occasionally grow frustrated by the endless ropes of philosophy and Creed bound around the techniques, but the reward of performing near-magical feats with no more than a blade and a will is prize enough for patience.

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