Swashbucklers are much akin to more terrestrial fighters save that they concentrate on speed and maneuver to win their battles. They shun heavy armor and cumbersome shields in favor of light blades and fast attacks. Many prize showmanship in their fighting, and the more overconfident will occasionally choose a more showy means of killing over simple hack and thrust… and most swashbucklers tend to be overconfident.

With the broad sea to circle them, the Sunset Islands have always been a favored nest for pirates and seamen of all kinds, and the swashbuckler is no rare thing among the scurvy rats of Landfall Cay. Most learned their knack when fighting on the heaving decks and waving rigging of a ship under attack, though a few are more terrestrial in nature, preferring a fast horse and a fair damsel to impress. No "swashbuckling school" exists as such, though some would argue that each pitching deck and each pirate sloop is a school of a sort.

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