Spirit Shaman

Spirit Shamans are to druids what favored souls are to clerics. Both mundane earth and spirit world rise up to meet them, imbuing them with a power to command natural forces and parley with the unseen that is natural and intrinsic to them. They have no need of the careful study of the druidic path to acquire their powers, but even the most gifted spirit shaman must take care not to offend the powers with which they negotiate. Their powers also tend to be natural to their character and temperament, and they lack the versatility that a trained druid has in powers of shapeshifting and natural allies.

Where humans favor clerics for their spiritual needs, the goblinoid tribes almost universally prefer spirit shamans. All goblinoid spirit shamans are female- even those males who follow the call are considered ritually and socially female, and some become rather more than theoretically so under the ministrations of the spirits, tribal healers, and special herbs. To goblinoids, the ritual negotiation and pacting with the powers of the spirit world are vastly preferable to the dry ritual and study of the clerical professions.

Spirit shamans are not unknown among other races, but they tend to be few and rare, chiefly in the company of tribesfolk and villagers in very close alliance with the land. No formal training exists for them outside of the goblinoids and the dwarves. Dwarven spirit shamans are invariably servants of the ancestor spirits, and jealously guard the honor of their dead forbears.

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