Spellthieves are similar to ordinary rogues in their knack for infiltration and stealth, yet they differ by a unique ability to siphon and drain magical energy from their enemies and friends. Against a foe, an experienced spellthief can steal the sorceries right out of their heads or their magical protections out from under them. With a friend, spells can be 'borrowed' by the same means and then unleashed when the time is ripe. The spellthief also eventually learns to cast a few spells of misdirection or confusion himself.

The spellthief is not a popular figure in Xian. The scholars who rule the city are loathe to have their secrets abstracted, and the spellthief is ideally trained for robbing them- and killing their keeper, if need be. Most spellthieves that exist in Xian find it easier to bill themselves as conventional rogues rather than deal with all the unwelcome attention they bring.

Spellthieves require training to gain their abilities, and those that aren't taught by a mentor often find their education from the Guild of the Open Hand, who find it most useful to keep a sizeable number of spellthieves close at hand.

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