Rare and scarcely found on the Sunset Isle, the Soulknife is a latent psionic that has come to manifest their powers in the form of a blade of psychic energy. With but a brief moment's focus, they can call this "mind blade" into existence. While a novice Soulknife's blade is no more lethal than a good steel shortsword, the blade grows in power with the wielder. More advanced Soulknives can mold the weapon into a larger sword, as well as imbue it with a flexible array of powers. The most puissant Soulknives can hurl the weapon into a storm of myriad blades, or inflict wounds that actually cripple the victim's mind. Aside from the blade itself, Soulknives are tough and hardy, and have respectable combat talents and a fair range of skills oriented around movement and stealth.

Soulknives are so rare in the Sunset Isles as to be unique in each individual. The formal schools of blade-spirituality divert most potential soulknives, with those keen on profound unity with their weapon more likely ending up among the Swordsages and Warblades of the elven schools, and the most psionically powerful becoming Psychic Warriors. Still, it's not impossible that a latent psionic without the chance to hear or learn of these other paths might eventually manifest the powers of a Soulknife.

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