Second Wind

A "Second Wind" in 4e-speak is an action a PC can take once per encounter to burn one of their Healing Surges. Healing Surges don't really work well with 3.5 games, so it's simplified here into this rule:

Once per fight, you can take a Second Wind as a standard action and regain one quarter of your maximum hit points, rounded up, and gain a +2 AC and saving throw bonus until your next action.

What constitutes "a fight" is up to the DM. The Second Wind can be used during the fight or immediately after it. The general purpose of the rule is to make it possible for PCs to grit their teeth and keep fighting even when the group is out a healer or their band-aid man has gone down. It works best for solo and small-group adventures that can't expect to have a cleric on hand to patch them up. And yes, it's theoretically possible for a PC to come out of a fight stronger than they went into it, if their enemy doesn't succeed in hurting them. As a DM, you can simply declare that the enemy wasn't enough challenge to count as a real fight, or you can decide that Flawless Victory inspires the PC and they really do get more determined.

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