Few classes are so versatile as that of the rogue. Whether a stealthy assassin, a cunning tomb robber, or a slick-tongued flimflam man, the rogue specializes in getting a job done. Where steel, spell and prayer fails, a polished word and a twist of the wrist can often win through. Officially licensed rogues in Xian are often billed as "negotiators" or "tomb investigators". Any experienced adventurer can read the rest from there.

Rogues differ from others chiefly in the broad expanse of their skills. Whether the job is picking a lock, disarming a trap, bluffing an ogre, bargaining with a trader, or even fabricating a fresh batch of lotus toxin, odds are that the rogue is going to be best at it. Aside from this adaptability, rogues are also capable of finding and disarming even sophisticated magical or mechanical traps that others would have no chance of defeating. Their keen perception and ruthless efficiency also allow them to get in blows at just the right place and time to make them hurt the most, if their opponent is distracted or unaware of them.

Most rogues receive no formal training in their profession. They simply grow up with it, either as a dirty urchin grubbing for moldy rice balls or as a young trader keen to make a few koku off his wares. A few do have more formal trainers, such as the candidates for acceptance into the Guild of the Open Hand.

Example Flavors:

Street Urchin
Most gutter-scrapings never graduate above petty theft and street vices, living brief and unhappy lives in the warrens of a Xianese slum. A few, however, rise from these meager beginnings to become exceptionally gifted in their trade. Nimble and adept at avoiding backhands and sharp knives, they might have the Artful Dodger class ability. They tend to dash in and out of a brawl, planting knives in exposed flesh (Deft Strike at-will) and do so with practiced precision (Piercing Strike at-will). When pressed, they'll slash for a foe's legs to slow them down long enough to get away (Dazing Strike per-encounter), and occasionally they're given an opening to all but hamstring an unwary enemy (Easy Target daily power).

Tomb Investigator
The isles are dotted with numerous old ruins, some dating back to the first dwarven settlement of the Altgrimmr range and others being of more recent provenance. It's not uncommon for these ruins to be quite dangerous for exploration. Aside from the potential for beasts or goblinoids to have moved in, there is danger in the simple decay of the structure or in the presence of ancient, half-ruined traps. Given to fighting in close quarters, these professions prefer close thrusts and strikes based on precision rather than brute force (Artful Dodger class ability, Piercing Strike at-will), and abilities that help them stand alone if temporarily separated from their team by a collapsed floor or trap (Riposte Strike at-will). Those same perils are the perfect thing to shove an enemy into, in turn (Positioning Strike per-encounter), and an expert tomb investigator can be quite talented at shoving, tripping, and misdirecting enemies into hazardous terrain (Trick Strike daily power).

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