Numerous different races of sentient being were cast up on the Sunset Isles with the calamity that was the Red Tide. Others have dwelled on the Isles since time immemorial. While occasional settlements of other species can be found, the following are the major races on the Isle, and the ones acceptable as player characters.

Humans, the most common species in the Isles.

Elves, heirs to a lost dominion, few and scattered.

Dwarves, a wary hermit-people in the northern mountains.

Dragonborn, a new people recently discovered in their western fastness.

Halflings, few in number, closely allied with the humans.

Gnomes, a reclusive people found most often near dwarven holds.

Goblinoids, bestial warriors and sinister shamans.

Half-bloods, the offspring of mingled species.

Tieflings, known locally as the Accursed, the product of an infernal plot to save the world.

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