Psychic Warrior

Psychic warriors differ from martial adepts or divinely-blessed warriors in that their powers come wholly from within. They channel no arcane energies or otherworldly blessings to invoke their powers, but trust instead in sheer will and focus to evoke the metaphysical power of their psionic magic. While they are not so skilled as a professional fighter in swordplay, they compensate by learning to tap their innate mental powers to alter their own bodies and befuddle the brains of their enemies.

Not everyone who seeks the path of the crusader, swordsage, or warblade finds it. Indeed, many are not even aware that they are on the path, seeking only inner focus and outward perfection. Those few whose psychic energies are strong occasionally bloom into psychic warriors rather than the supernatural orientation of a martial adept. Other warriors are intentionally awoken by psychic warriors who see their potential, their innate abilities unlocked by rigorous training and practice.

No schools exist for psychic warriors. Each one tends to be a unique phenomenon, with only the occasional rare teacher to bring about a warrior's epiphany.

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