Psions are those few men and women gifted with extraordinary mental prowess. Their very thoughts are capable of changing the world around them, and with training they obtain the ability to invoke extraordinary powers and effects. The magical path of psionics tends to leave them somewhat narrow in their abilities, without the broad sweep of spells available to most wizards or clerics, but these powers can often be modulated and used more often than any caster could call upon their magic.

The path of the psion is little practiced in the Isles, with small opportunity for the kind of deeply inward contemplation that the discipline requires. Monks can learn their trade while cutting wood and drawing water, but psions often require more serenity even than this. Those that know of them often mistake them for some kind of monk.

The few psions that do exist are usually either gnomes or the students of gnomes. Occasionally it suits a gnomish psion's purpose to instruct another student in the art, though as convoluted as such mystics are in their plans, it's difficult to tell what they expect of it.

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