Player Run Plots

Getting a player-run plot approved on Red Tide MUX is very simple. First, the plot idea is submitted to the job queue with the +request command as given under "+help jobs". The exact command to submit a plot for consideration is +request <plot title>=<plot description>. Once submitted, staff glances over the plot, and if it fits theme guidelines, the submitter can run it when he or she wishes. Once it's complete, the submitter adds a brief note indicating who went along on it and a short summary of what happened with +job/add <job #>=<details>, and then staff will approve it and hand out experience and treasure. If you're not sure what the job number for your plot is, you can type +myjobs to get a listing and +job # to view a particular job.

The DM of a plot always gets full experience and treasure, whether or not their PC goes along on the plot and whether or not the adventurers are successful, and they can choose to give this credit to any of their characters. Staff decides what an appropriate XP and treasure amount may be for the plot after it's completed, with experience handed out according to the Advancement guidelines. Even very simple, straightforward combat plots are worth a reward, albeit full credit is generally reserved for those plots that are tightly integrated with the game's theme and have an element of continuity to them. A simple goblin hunt may earn only half credit, while hunting down the goblin witch-priestess who burnt the village you used in the plot you ran yesterday before she can unite the tribes in her area into a serious threat to local towns would get full credit. Extra credit isn't generally given for making combat encounters extremely difficult. It's expected that fights should challenge the players when appropriate, and a DM is allowed to adjust their plots on the fly to make sure an appropriate amount of challenge is involved.

Treasure is rewarded at the end of the plot, in such amounts and proportions as match a character's level and progression. As the PCs rise in level, it will be more appropriate and more common for important enemies to have magical equipment to use against the PCs. DMs are allowed to equip their monsters appropriately for the adventure's difficulty, and PCs are allowed to use such gear as they might capture for the duration of the plot, but to keep such equipment will require the PC to buy it out of their share at the end of the adventure. Otherwise, rapacious bureaucrats, drunken carousing, tragic bad luck, or enemies with Improved Sunder will coincidentally despoil the gear. PCs will not lose money by choosing not to keep captured magic items, but will instead receive their full usual share. The general idea is to keep the great majority of plot rewards in flat cash, since the vast preponderance of PCs will just sell any valuable loot in the first place, and it strains the setting theme to have crates of surplus +1 magic items and unwanted wands getting sold in bulk.

For advice and guidelines on creating player-run plots, take a look at Creating PRPs. For useful tips on running plots, and advice on using the public plot grid, try Running PRPs.

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