Creating a PC

Creating a PC on Red Tides MUX isn't a difficult process. For greater convenience, however, this page is intended to help you through the various steps in creating your PC. Even experienced roleplayers are encouraged to read through this page, as it helps to point out the particular differences between the Sunset Isles and a more generic fantasy setting.

Choose a PC Type

Will you be making an Adventuring PC or a Background PC? The former is advised if you want to carry out much in the way of adventure or daring deeds, but the latter can be convenient if you simply want an ordinary sort of character for light roleplay. Background PCs can entirely skip choosing a race and class, and need only concern themselves with formulating a good background.

Choose a Concept

What sort of play do you enjoy most? Do you enjoy being a bluff warrior, tactless, crude, and enormously deadly? Or perhaps you enjoy a character more adept at social interaction, and should look into a class skilled at manipulating and persuading others of your rectitude. Maybe the idea of developing arcane power appeals to you, and the fragile path of the arcanist seems most enjoyable. Whatever concept you pick, it should be something you want to do and not simply be something you want to be. It's all well and good to be a particular sort of adventurer, but it's not a lot of fun just sitting around without a clear set of goals to motivate you. Also, be careful to keep in mind the game rules regarding the minimum age allowed for a PC.

Choose a Race and Class

Almost every concept can be executed in more than one way or with more than one class. A stealthy infiltrator might be good as a rogue, or perhaps he's more given to occult darknesses and stealth as a warlock. Or it could be that he fits best as an unseen ghost in the forest, and would be most apt as a ranger. If this is your first character, it may be best to stick with a human for your character's race. If something more exotic appeals, however, be sure to carefully read its details under its races entry. Not all races in the Sunset Isles perfectly match the standard rules.

Formulate a Background

The files listed under Xian and the Sunset Isles are most useful for reading more about the game's setting and learning how your character fits into it. You should think carefully about whether your character belongs to one of the more populous refugee or native groups, or whether he or she has no clear extraction. Consulting the page on languages can help with choosing what tongues your character is familiar with. Your character will begin as a level 1 PC, and while they are clearly a cut above the ordinary run of soldiers or footpads, they've yet to attain great proficiency or fame in their profession. Keep that in mind when deciding what your character's been doing with his or her life up until now.

Most importantly, your background should make clear what your character's goals are and how they intend to accomplish them. A simple desire for fame and gold is well enough, but a set of motivations should be inherent in your character, giving you a clear direction for their activities. Without some particular aim to move them, it's all too easy for a character to end up propped in front of an alehouse bar seven nights of the week.

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