Paladins are similar to fighters, save that their devotion to a particular deity or cosmic principle has imbued them with a measure of divine grace. While this touch is not so strong as it is with a cleric, a paladin is almost as skilled a warrior as a professional fighter, and possesses a number of innate blessings that make them particularly lethal in fighting creatures of darkness.

Paladins are treated much as other warriors in Xian. While they fight for a god or a philosophy, many other sellswords claim as much. As they grow in power, their divine miracles mark them off as a kind of holy warrior, however, and often earn them a measure more respect- and more requests for help. Paladins come most often from the ranks of temple soldiers and the divinely inspired, as confused as the state of religion in the Sunset Isles may be.

Not all paladins are of kindly disposition, however, and there exist warriors dedicated to dark gods and the Hell Kings. These infernal knights are gifted with the same burning radiance as holier warriors, but they show much less compunction about unleashing their anger upon the weak and wretched.

Example Flavors:

Red Jade Templar
A sinister paragon of service to the Hell Kings, these unholy knights are named for their devotion to the powers of Hell and the promised palaces of red jade that await them should they serve their masters well. Their blows are tainted with the torment of the burning torture-gardens of their lords, and can weaken victims with shooting agony. (Enfeebling Strike at-will). The spilling of blood and souls can also strengthen them with stolen life, driving them on through wounds and pain. (Bolstering Strike at-will). When the templar focuses her will upon an enemy and strikes them in rebuke, the dark majesty of her lord makes their heart quail within them, weakening their resolve (Fearsome smite encounter power)- and in extremis the templar can briefly channel a shadow of the blazing flames of Hell against her enemy, searing it and dazing it with the blast. (Radiant Delirium daily power).

Fist of the Maker
A devotee of the Eirengarder god known simply as "the Maker", these knights are exemplars of duty, honor, and courage. They serve to protect the god's servants with steel and faith, and can expect a warm reception in any Eirengarder community- albeit one tinted with the expectation that all manner of local perils will soon be conquered. The Fist of the Maker is well-equipped to deal with unholy powers, for his sword shines with the radiance of his god and blasts the unworthy with celestial force. (Holy Strike, at-will power). The Fist is also accustomed to being badly outnumbered in his struggles, and knows how to fight so as to make a crush of enemies into a tool with which to selectively strike into their midst. (Valiant strike at-will) The blazing light they wield can be focused more perfectly still in a time of need, striking with more than customary force. (Radiant smite encounter power). And when some companion hangs at the brink of death, the Fist can make an offering of an enemy's blood to revive their friend in need. (Paladin's Judgment daily power)

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