Northwall Range

The Northwall Range stretches across the northwestern coast of Ektau, falling off in the east towards the narrow valley guarded by Highgate. The peaks are smaller than those of the mighty Godbarrows to the south, but the terrain is even more jagged and uneven. The difficult environment discourages settlement, and the orcs and other goblinoids of the highlands are sparser in the Northwalls than in the other uplands of Ektau. The Northwalls are no more hospitable to other sentients, however, as numerous terrible beasts dwell there. Without goblinoid tribes to keep them in check, the Northwalls have become something of a preserve for magical and dire creatures that would be hunted to extinction in more populated areas.

Settlement along the coastal edge of the mountains is almost nonexistent. Highgate is the only clear cut through the range, and the handful of shoreside hamlets are more forts than homes. Tough, ruthless men and women are fashioned in these villages, and some of the most famed hunters and scouts of the Xianese army hail from the Northwalls.

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