Creatures of the Sunset Isles

Attached to this page are a few brief lists of local Xianese monsters and human types that might be useful for DMs creating plots for the game. While the following descriptions aren't the only possible examples of the local flora and fauna, they give a general baseline. Not all guardsmen have the same stats as the examples presented here, but those notably more capable will be correspondingly rare. By the same token, the Tide vomits forth an impossible profusion of different abominations, but those seen thus far remain in the same general neighborhood of capability shown here.

Tidespawn are a recent and devastating threat to the humans and peaceful races of Xian. The coming of the blue crystals around the periphery of Xianese land has evidently set off some sort of catalytic reaction in the local villagers and their goblinoid enemies. No one is entirely certain how the process happens, but the few escapees from affected areas report how entire villages and tribes have been warped into near-mindless savages with twisted bodies and deliriously maddened brains. These twisted creatures form the great bulk of the huge Tidespawn swarms that roam the wilderness, but among them there are more intelligent creatures that seem to serve as some sort of leadership for the horde. While Xianese troops and the Accursed soldiers of Tien Lung have been able to fend off the swarms thus far, unnumbered small villages have been wiped out by the hordes and by the goblinoids driven in terror before the advancing legions.

Goblinoids are those goblins, orcs, bugbears and hobgoblins native to the Sunset Isles. Unknown in other lands before the Tide, these savage warriors and merciless devil-witches are a perpetual scourge on the refugee races of the isles. The only salvation of the humans has been the almost universal warfare between goblinoid tribes, with few of them having or wanting any allies among their own kind. With the recent appearance of the Tidespawn, however, the goblinoids are being driven from their mountain lairs and wilderness retreats and being forced on the hard-pressed humans. Caught between Tidespawn on one hand and the armies of Xian on the other, the goblinoids fight desperately.

Armed Forces — these are some draft statblocks for review, and are not yet official.

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