Landfall Cay

Landfall Cay is a small island off the coast of Bulwark Isle, a low and thickly-forested place much favored by pirate bands as a watering and repair waystation. Close to the Xianese shipping lanes, small pirate craft can dart in and strike their prey readily, or change colors and crew to make an innocent journey into Xian to sell their wares. Xian is no village, but successful pirates inevitably find its populace too small to hide in for long. It proves necessary to have a more congenial anchorage for crews and officers wanted in the city.

For all that, Landfall Cay is a fairly wretched place for most. Fresh water is free enough, yet there are no farms on the island- who would want to grow rice next to a constantly-changing population of robbers? The forest edges are generally hunted out, and rumors of devils and worse in the deep forest keep all but the most desperate clear of it. The very temporary shacks, warehouses, brothels, and gambling hells of the Cay are clustered chiefly on the western side of the island in a settlement known most often as "Big Anchor", close enough for mutual protection and careful watching. Smaller anchorages dot the island where captains find more prudence in avoiding their fellows, or wish a base unhindered by the very crude law of Big Anchor.

The pirates are a squabbling, fractious kind, and Big Anchor examples it. The only law universally recognized is brute force and violence, with pirate crews tending to operate as gangs to provide protection to the few long-term residents in exchange for tribute. Unsavory mainland merchants deal with them there, buying their plunder in exchange for booze, foodstuffs, and more portable gold. Prisoners taken off of Xianese ships are also bought and sold there, the strongest or handsomest of them sold up the archipelago towards lands unlikely to give them succor. Dealing with such murderous rabble is a dangerous game, but the lure of enormous profit on fenced goods draws a steady stream of business to the Cay all the same.

The Unnumbered Waves Host is always fighting the pirate scourge, and usually comes off the better in their engagements. Big Anchor itself is usually burnt at least once a generation. Despite this, there's never a permanent end to the steady stream of seamen, adventurers, and thieves that find good salt air and another man's cargo to be an irresistible attraction.

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