Jade Body Talisman

Appearance: The talisman can take any one of a number of shapes, depending on the crafter who fashioned it. Most often it is a pin, brooch, hairstick, wristlet, or occasionally an item of body jewelry. Most often, it's fashioned of jade, albeit metallic varieties are not unknown.

Powers: The talisman has several functions, each of which require a move-equivalent action to activate that does not draw an attack of opportunity. The first function cleans the wearer and his or her clothing, or an object or person the wearer is touching at the rate of one square foot of surface per round, up to a distance of six feet away from the wearer. The second function creates cosmetics on the wearer such as kohl, rouge, rice powder, body oils or perfumes. These cosmetics vanish instantly if removed from the wearer. The third function alters the taste of food touched at the rate of one cubic foot per round, changing it to any flavor desired by the wearer. This taste alteration persists for one hour. The fourth function is the ability to call forth a candleflame from a fingertip for lighting tapers, pipes, or other fires.

Cost and Availability: 500 gold market value. Available in Xian, Tien Lung, and Highgate. The formula is commonly known in Xian and requires no research to develop.

History: Originally a product of the venerable Garden of Opal Artifices school back in the Ninefold Celestial Empire, the first Jade Body Talismans were fashioned for the ease and comfort of wealthy Imperial mandarins. While one of the weakest permanent magic items in existence, it was also one of the most useful in the course of ordinary daily life. The comfort and convenience of the Jade Body Talisman provoked numerous copies and it was one of the few artifices of the old Empire to survive the flight of the refugees. Today, few high-ranking city officials are without their talismans, finding them highly convenient for maintaining a proper air of imperious perfection under trying urban conditions.

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