Humans are doubtless the most common of the sentient races among the Sunset Isles, both the native kingdoms and those refugees who escaped the Red Tide having combined to form a raucous confusion of statelets, island nations and free cities. While they come from numerous different nations and cultures, humans are much the same in their fundamental nature.

Humans in the Sunset Isles range the full scope of common appearance. Natives tend to bronze hues and dark hair, while refugee stock ranges anywhere from the palest alabaster hues to shades dark as polished ebony. Height and build varies in the same fashion, with the vagaries of fashion and style sometimes promoting more exotic hair coloring or personal adornment.

The great challenge facing humans in the present time is that of simple survival. Their numbers increase each year, and the farmland they need increases to match. More than a few brutal wars have broken out over territory, and the native nations are often hard-pressed by the demands of the newcomers. The uneasy balance that prevailed before the refugee's arrival was a product of regular bloodshed and starvation. Any new equilibrium seems unlikely to occur without more of both.

Humans in the Sunset Isles are treated by the same rules that apply to humans in standard fourth edition D&D.

Several human nations made exceptionally large contributions to the humanfolk of the Sunset Isles. Among them are the Skandr of Skandrheim, the Eirengarders, the Eshkanti, and the folk of Gadaal. Other refugees of smaller nations or less familiar ones also came along, but of all the stock, that of the Ninefold Celestial Empire remains the most common in the Isles.

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