Leadership Feat House Rules

The Leadership feat works here as is normal for D20, but some explanation is useful as to how Cohorts are determined and handled according to the alt rules.


The Leadership score of a PC equals his or her level plus (or minus) his or her Charisma bonus. Aside from that, the total is increased by +1 if the PC is level 7 or higher and +2 if the PC is level 9 or higher. An additional +2 is added if the PC has holdings worth 10,000 gold or more, and another +2 if the PC is of the daifu social class. These modifiers are cumulative, apply to both followers and cohorts, and are the only modifiers used- there are no penalties as normally listed.


Players who take the Leadership feat can freely determine the race, class, and other particulars of their cohort. Cohort statistics are taken from the standard default NPC statistics given in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Cohorts cannot have Prestige Classes and particularly exotic multiclassing combinations may be denied. Cohorts enter play with gear worth half the amount normally held by a PC of that level, according to the DMG tables. Their patron may choose the gear, albeit very rare or powerful magic items will be denied. Cohorts will not generally loan gear to their patrons- ICly, they may be endlessly generous souls, but purely for game balance reasons such loans cannot be allowed. Cohorts will use charged magic items normally when on adventures. Cohorts can either roll their hit points or take the average score for a given level; they do not automatically receive full hit points.

Cohorts can be taken along by their patron on adventures, and played by them as a second character. Cohorts aren't suicidal, but they're assumed to be unswervingly loyal to their patron short of magical influence or intentionally alienating treatment. If a cohort dies in an unrecoverable fashion, a new cohort can be found at two levels lower than the ex-cohort. As such, players are encouraged to keep their chief minion alive. Cohorts can use spells, crafting skills and Feats, but their patron pays the XP cost of any items created or spells cast. Cohorts require no pay.

Cohorts never gain XP unless given it by their patron. Patrons can transfer a portion of their XP to a cohort, who then gains twice that amount. No cohort can ever be higher than two levels less than their patron- for example, a 6th level patron can never have more than a 4th level cohort no matter how many XP are funneled to him.

Cohorts may be played freely on the grid as an alternate character, and any XP they earn goes to their patron instead. They are an exception to the rule about alts helping each other, as the entire point of a cohort is that they help their patron. Cohorts and patrons may freely intermingle in the same scene and otherwise lend each other help.


Followers require no pay and are generally assumed to manage their own basic upkeep. They arrive possessed of normal equipment for an NPC of their level, generally gear worth less than 100 gold each. While less loyal than a Cohort, they will not betray their patron short of extreme pressure. Patrons can choose the general class makeup of their followers, albeit particularly rare classes may not be overrepresented. A dozen Fighters is perfectly fine, but a dozen Psychic Warriors is not unless the patron has some special reason to justify it. Patrons cannot generally choose individual feats without some clear justification in training or recruiting to explain it.

Slain followers will slowly be replaced. Completely replacing a body of followers takes one game year, while smaller losses are replaced in proportionately less time. Cash or inducements may increase this replacement rate, and difficult circumstances may decrease it.

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