Equipment Policy

Equipment on Red Tides MUX is represented by objects in your inventory, when it's represented at all. No special object is required for ordinary adventuring gear, weaponry, or armor worth less than 100 gold. You can simply assume your character has access to such equipment when needed, although it may be wise to make clear what equippage you're bringing along on any particular plot. DMs are encouraged to assume that their plot participants have whatever gear might reasonably be expected of an adventuring party, though they're allowed to insist on a specific listing from their players so as to ensure that encumbrance limits are being respected by those weedy spellcasters. This gear is for personal use alone- while any craftsman might be expected to have a fine set of leatherworking tools for their own work, they can't simply declare that they have a dozen sets without paying the price involved.

For equipment worth more than 99 gold or for any magical or alchemical item, an approved inventory object is required. This gear may be obtained from vendors on-grid or from staff, depending on its nature. Special or rare items that happen to be worth less than 100 gold may still require special approval as well- if it's a plot point that you need albino whale ambergris for some purpose, you can't simply declare that you have 99 gold worth of it in your backpack. DMs are always permitted to determine what a given plot participant might reasonably possess beyond their specific approved gear.

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