Building Rules

Building rules on the MUX are divided into two concerns- OOC building of @dig'd out rooms and exits, and IC building of houses, keeps, strongholds, and the like. OOC building rules are covered under building policy, while the in-character guidelines for property creation are explained below.

The general guide for creating real estate can be found in the D&D 3.0 edition book, "The Stronghold Builder's Guide". As not everyone may have that book and as certain modifications are involved for the MUX, a brief recap of the steps for property creation are included here.

Step 1: Buy or claim the land.

Step 2: Pick your building components.

Step 3: Your holding will be placed on the grid, and you can enjoy a place of your own. If you decide to up stakes and move somewhere else, you can generally sell the holding for 90% of what you paid for it, staff included.

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