House Rules

Below are the particular house rules novel to Red Tide MUX.

Game Mechanics

  • Canonical books are listed here, indicating which 4th edition D&D books we allow to be used here.
  • Time, and how it passes on the MUX.
  • Cosmology, giving the differences between the "standard" D&D planar system and the cosmology here.
  • Interpretations of certain powers and abilities, and how they work here.
  • Awesomeness of the PCs, and how they relate to ordinary foes.

Character Rules

Creating Things

Old House Rules, no longer relevant in fourth edition.

  • Divine Spells are handled with particular guidelines, due to the free access most divine casters have to them.
  • Domains and Deity Weapons rules exist for picking clerical Domains and weapons for Spiritual Weapon or the War domain.
  • Leadership as a Feat is handled a particular way here.
  • Martial Adepts have a few rules and interpretations here.
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