High Banner Towns

Settlements in the High Banner district are fewer than in most other districts. The administrative center of the district is in Altburg, and other hamlets tend to be wretched little affairs of fieldstone and dirt, scratching out a living from the arid soil. The settlements listed below are no more than a small sample of the little villages scattered throughout the hills.

  • Altburg was the largest settlement in the district, and the seat of the local Magistrate. It was recently overrun by the Tide and is now a nightmarish ruin.
  • Lao's Teeth is the strongest outpost of Xianese control in the area, a guardian fort placed to block a pass that leads deeper into the Godbarrows. The soldiers there are all stoutly loyal to Xian… perhaps the only such men in the district.
  • Guantao is a small mining village. The iron they smelt is perhaps the most valuable product of the entire district, meagre as it is, and the Magistrate is always happy to take their taxes out of it when they bring it to the Altburg market. They worship an enigmatic "Stone Mother", and discourage inquiries about her rites.
  • Waldfels is a small, bizarre fortress of Xianese refugee farmers, religious partisans, and ex-slave goblinoids, a tense, desperate beach-head against the Tide.
  • Gebel Hur has recently been depopulated. Victims of a noxious smoke from a burning mineshaft, almost all the villagers succumbed to madness and death.
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