High Banner District

The High Banner District is a stretch of Xianese hill country bordering the eastern edge of the Godbarrow Mountains. Primitive, isolated, and under constant pressure from the teeming goblinoid tribes, the district has long been notorious for its lawlessness and harsh conditions.

Recently, however, High Banner went from being harsh to almost uninhabitable. The explosion of two blue Tide Crystals have covered patches of the district in deadly crimson Mist, and scattered Tidespawn throughout the region. As the Tidespawn drove goblins from their traditional barrows in the mountains to the west and north, High Banner's badly organized and lawless society was overcome by two devastating opponents.

The High Banner is now little more than a war zone, sparsely populated by Tidespawn, goblinoids, and humanoid survivors. Altburg has fallen, and the fates of many other settlements are uncertain. Much of the High Banner remains, for the moment, cloaked in mystery.

  • Map of the High Banner District.
  • History, giving the grim past of this ill-favored land.
  • High Banner Settlements, enumerating the larger villages within the district.
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