Some warriors seek inner perfection to become unconquerable. Others find it easier to cripple their enemies. The hexblade is a nexus of misfortune and blight, a warrior strangely gifted with the power to debilitate and weaken his foe. Much as a warlock is a person whose arcane gift is tainted by darkness, so a hexblade is a warrior whose sword has suffered the same blight. They lack the versatility in training that a fighter possesses, but make up for it with the sheer debilitating taint of their presence.

Hexblades are not naturally taught. Much as with many other exotic types of warrior, they are a natural phenomenon. A few strike dark pacts with evil to gain their powers, but most find the darkness already waiting within them. It is not unknown for goblinoid warriors consumed by more than ordinary hatred to manifest the powers of a hexblade.

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