Halflings tend to like nothing better than being ignored. Unfortunately, the Red Tide was not so neglectful, and the share of little folk sent sailing across the bloodied seas was no less than might be expected. Small, cunning, and sturdy, these small humanoids have managed to do better for themselves in the Sunset Isles than many would expect.

Bereft of any particular homeland and with no native brethren to greet them, the halflings of the Sunset Isles are in close alliance with their human patrons. Regardless of the crudity of the big folk, there are a lot more of them than the little, and the halflings are not eager to buy trouble with their neighbors.

Halfling Topics:

  • Culture, The culture of the halfling colonists.
  • Religion, Halfling religious beliefs.
  • Rules, Rules for creating a halfling character.
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