Half-goblinoids are known more commonly as "halfbreeds", and their numbers are so much more common among the Sunset Isles that the term is hardly ever used to refer to half-elves. Centuries of warfare and rapine between the native humans and the goblinoids has ensured that their numbers are steady, despite the fact that they breed true only with their own kind.

Halfbreeds tend to resemble a mixture of their goblinoid and human parents, with female halfbreeds sharing much of the charm of the female goblinoids and male ones owing many of the more coarse characteristics of the males. Female halfbreeds are popular thrall courtesans in many settlements, and the males not in thrall to some owner can often find work as muscle.

Most halfbreeds are thralls, slaves of some powerful tribe or settlement. Sizable numbers of goblinoid women are taken by human pillagers, and the goblinoids relish "defiling" the purity of their enemy's bloodline by ravishing their women, however homely by goblin standards. The offspring of such pairings can expect little in the way of acceptance.

Some human settlements do accept halfbreeds among their citizenry. While deprived of the labor and entertainment they provide, the strength and cunning of these people often proves more valuable- even if their loyalty is constantly doubted by less trusting members of the society. The only encouragement they have is the knowledge that goblinoid tribes never accept a halfbreed as anything more than a slave, their bloodline hopelessly defiled by human ichor. More than one escaped thrall has learned of this only as the gelding-knife came out to ensure that the new slave would spawn no bastards.

Perversely, thrall halfbreeds are often much more accepted in human society than free ones. A thrall has at least one non-goblinoid to oversee him or her, and it's assumed that anyone willing to risk the consequences of a rampaging slave must be fairly certain about the trustworthiness of the thrall. Every so often some penny playwright gins out another tragic romance involving some beautiful halfbreed courtesan and her aristocratic lover, or a drama involving the steadfast defense of a family's children by the trusty house-orc. Thrall owners are often voluble about the good qualities of their charges when they are "in their place" and free from "troublemakers". More realistic owners are perfectly aware that most smiling thrall courtesans would gut them in a heartbeat if such girls had any place better to go, or any prospect of a quick death after such a rebellion. Every year, a few such halfbreed thralls decide to do it anyway. Thrall rebellions of this kind are inevitably hushed up among all but the slaves, and no great number of survivors are counted necessary to spread the word.

A very few small settlements are composed entirely of halfbreeds. These villages are reclusive and wary of their neighbors, and tend to make a point of being as little-noticed as possible. Escaped thralls can often expect succor there- so long as no one is hunting them who might prove a threat to the village.

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