Half-elves are rare in the Sunset Isles, not least because of the rarity of elves in the first place. But with so few elves, it's not unknown for one among them to take a human mate, and their offspring to be accepted in the society in which they find themselves. While half-elven lifespans rarely exceed 170 or 180 years, they retain their vigor until the last two or three years of their lives.

Few human cultures especially care about the intermixing. As elves have no particular nation in the Sunset Isles, there is little question of their loyalty to their parent culture, and they do not especially differ from humans in their capabilities.

Among elves, the matter is somewhat more delicate- yet if the half-elf pledges to a Creed compatible with the settlement, there is little reluctance to accept them. Half-elves breed true only with their own kind, so marriage to an elven mate ensures that the settlement will be repaid in children.

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