While almost every possible pairing has been attempted at one time or another in the violent history of the Sunset Isles, only two different varieties are widely found. Half-blooded elves and half-blooded goblinoids are both found in varying degrees of commonality amid the Isles. It's decisively known that dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are not interfertile with any other species, but humans and elves have proven miscible, as have humans and goblinoid races.

The treatment these half-bloods receive has varied widely in the Isles. Half-elves are generally accepted without demur by humans and elves, but half-goblinoids range from thralls in all but name to prized warriors and witches.

Half-Blood Topics:

  • Half-elves, The nature of half-elves in the Sunset Isles.
  • Half-goblinoids, The more unfortunate circumstance of these offspring.
  • Rules, Rules for half-blooded characters.
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